'Paul Cook for a lifetime's worth of encouragement and passion for all kinds of music' Acknowledgements; 'Understanding Video Game Music'; Cambridge University Press, 2017; Dr Tim Summers (University of London)
'Lessons with Paul Cook are a little piece of magic. He seems to have all the answers. I would go to him with a song, he'd address a few issues, present me with ways to fix these, and my singing would become instantly better. He teaches techniques that I simply cannot understand how the rest of the singing world would cope without. He's friendly and approachable and I came away from every session with Paul as a better singer, so after receiving an offer to study Musical Theatre at Mountview, I am absolutely indebted to him.' Daniel Falber

Mr. Cook has helped me massively with my vocal technique, placement of the voice and overall sustainability of the voice. As a tenor, he has enabled me to access the top of my register with ease and control whilst doing so safely and correctly. With years of experience and many pupils excelling on to top music colleges and drama schools, I would highly recommend Mr. Cook as a singing teacher. Miles Harding

I began lessons with Mr. Cook having never had lessons previously. During the course of five years he took me from a complete beginner to ABRSM grade 8 and then my LCM teaching diploma. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I had with Mr. Cook who gave me confidence alongside the constructive criticism I needed in order to become a successful piano student. I am continuing my musical studies in September at University. Emily Pembridge 

A year and a half ago I decided to change singing teacher as I felt I was limited where I was initially. Some close friends of mine recommended that I ask Paul Cook if he had any space or opportunity because they had gone far with him, gaining places at top performing arts institutes. At the time it was a goal of mine to study Musical Theatre in London post A-level so I went to him with the aim of sitting some grades in LCM Musical Theatre. Paul immediately saw my potential and after a few months of assessing my vocal nature, he decided I was ready to be entered into my Grade 8 Musical Theatre straight away; a few months down the line I gained a distinction in this grade because of his immense tutoring. Before his teaching I knew barely anything about how my voice worked and how to get it to do anything and perhaps for that grade the most important two things I picked up on were utilising the AES Sphincter to grasp notes previously out of my range and on how to anchor myself so I could belt. At this point we both felt as though my vocal journey had only just begun and I had a slight shift in career idea to study a straight music degree; therefore we decided it would be fruitful to look into doing some ABRSM graded exams. Again, after a few more months of exploring a new style of repertoire, Paul decided I would be ready to sit my Grade 8 straight off. He has just handed me my ABRSM Grade 8 Distinction certificate and our journey together has drawn to a close as I move away in a few months’ time but the time we have spent working together has been the most intense and rewarding experience of my life so far. It really doesn’t need explaining how efficiently and effectively this man teaches when he has gotten me to two Grade 8 distinctions in the space of one and a half years. If you need a teacher for voice, no matter what voice type or experience you have, this brilliant, charismatic, intelligent man will get you to wherever you want to go. David Jones 

I started lessons with Mr Cook at the age of nine. Within my first year with him, I completed both Grade 1 and Grade 2. My lessons have been incredibly enjoyable. Mr Cook’s passion for teaching is shown in his work and has interested me to take up teaching myself. I am in year 11 and thanks to his strong-willed determination to get me through each exam; I have reached Grade 8 ABRSM Piano. I’ve started preparation for my teaching diploma and feel comfortable delivering lessons from Prep Test up to Grade 2 standard. Alannah Purslow